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April 12-15, San Diego California


The Society of Hospital Medicine's annual conference is a time for industry leaders to network and display their latest innovations.



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We'll be set up with live interactive demonstrations of our Autonomous Medical Coding technology. Stop by to see it automate the entire charge capture process in real-time! Our team is so excited to show everyone and answer any questions.



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Our mission:

To increase revenue for clinicians through innovative technologies and automation.


Keep scrolling to learn more about our latest innovation, our Autonomous Medical Coding system.


MediMobile's Autonomous Medical Coding

MediMobile is dedicated to eradicating the necessity for providers to manually capture their charges.

Through Clinical documentation, AI-Assisted workflow, autonomous charge creation, and coding, we're crafting a system that eliminates the need for you to capture your charges—our system takes care of it.

With our AI solution—the charge is not only created for the provider but is accompanied by all relevant information.


What will MediMobile automate for me?

  1. Charge Creation: Streamline your workflow with our system, which effortlessly generates charges, saving you time and reducing the burden of manual entry.

  2. CPT Code Selection: Let our system handle CPT code selection for you. With precision and efficiency, it ensures accurate coding, minimizing errors and optimizing your billing process.

  3. ICD-10 Diagnosis Code Selection: Say goodbye to the complexities of diagnosis code selection. We'll take the guesswork out of ICD-10 coding, ensuring that your documentation aligns with accurate diagnosis codes. (Automated scoring grid shown on right)

  4. MIPS Measure Generation with Precision: Navigate the intricacies of MIPS measures effortlessly. Our system not only automates the generation of MIPS measures but does so with precision, helping you meet reporting requirements.


How does Autonomous Coding work?

We’re built on current coding guidelines. Our deep learning tools have been trained to look at what is written in the documentation and what is reviewed by way of labs, diagnostic reports, medications, old records and vital signs. We then tell the clinician what is absent.


1. The Clinician or Group selects specific EMR templates.

2. Clinicians begin using selected documentation templates. CPT and DX code recommendations delivered in real time.

3. The clinicians or coder accepts or updates. Our system learns from their input and acceptance, and creates an ongoing feedback loop to improve accuracy forever.

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The Benefits:

  1. Reduce Operational Costs by 50%: Revolutionize your budgeting with MediMobile's Autonomous Coding, slashing operational costs in half. Efficiency without compromising quality.
  2. Improve Coding Accuracy: With MediMobile, enjoy the highest level of accuracy, ensuring error-free and compliant coding and reducing claim denials.
  3. Reduce Coder Workload by 75%: Empower your coding team by lightening their workload. Your coders can focus on strategic tasks, boosting productivity.
  4. Quick Audit Capabilities: Gain swift insights into your coding practices. Ensure compliance and identify areas for improvement effortlessly.
  5. Improve Clinical Documentation: Elevate the quality of your clinical documentation. Our system not only automates coding but also enhances the overall documentation process, ensuring comprehensive and accurate records.
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Want to continue the conversation after SHM?

Scroll down to schedule a time with us directly on our calendar. We'll show you our incredible technology working in real-time, discuss your specific needs and a timeline for implementation.